About me



Travel is a wonderful thing.   It exposes you to new locations, to new people, to new cultures.   It provides opportunities to see historic landmarks and places.  Travel changes you, and help to reach out your dream.

“When you travel, the experience comes first!”


As a photographer, I love to capture the details of our beautiful planet…. the little things that everyday people walk by and don’t take the time to appreciate.   Beauty can be found everywhere, from the shimmering ocean and its amazing marine animal-life, to Asia, Oceania and Africa. Just stop and scan your surroundings to find it. Each time I board a plane to embark on a new journey, I am always excited to see what the world is presenting to my lens..


Thank you so much for your curiosity and time to learn more about me and my work. Firstly this website is a portfolio of my traveling Photography. I hope you'll spend a few moments to have a look at both my website and my Instagram account @sylv_pics or Facebook: @sylv.pics.

I was raised in Belgium and was born in Madagascar. So Since I’ve been born, I use to travel around the world. 

I’m a Travel - underwater photographer currently based in Queensland Australia. I specialise in telling outdoor, travel and adventure stories through my photography.

My photography is primarily focused on traveling adventures. From Europe to East Asia and right now Australia or even more diving amongst different ocean with the aim to observe marine animal-life!

After obtaining a high school degree in management and hospitality, I worked as shift manager for an organic shop for 2 years. In 2017, I decided to make a change.

Resigning from my position, I decided to become a photographer. Having no experience or education in the art and design industry, my passion for travel photography and design exceeded the fear of failure. I started my career as photographer with an iPhone XS and quickly after couples of months, I decided to move to the Fuji XT30. So that’s why, you’ll probably notice a difference between some photographies. 

My obsession to keep moving forward in life, has brought me from Africa, to Oceania by way of Asia and many more countries. I regularly venture off on a photo shoot to one of the many corners of the world, seeking new subject matter to create my newest collection. 

Please enjoy this site. I hope you click and follow me on my instagram profile and Facebook page as well to stay posted about the new publications.

Thanks for stopping by!