Thaïland Travel Photography

As a travel photographer, I recently have got a chance to tour Thailand.

On my travel, I decided to focus on Bangkok and the South Island of Thailand. The trip turned out to be fascinating as the scenes were amazing. There you’re understand why Thailand is one of the most known countries in Asia.

Thus, I started over by this mega city which Bangkok is. The first spot visited has been the famous Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river along with various canals. I stopped at the Grand Palace, which neighbored by Wat Pho home. This area overflowed of architectural specifics that included the colorful porcelain add-ons, golden statues together with artificially drawn mythological scenes.

Through Bangkok, I passed by Khao San Road, which had endless bars, street foods, vendors, along with multiple street food stands and restaurants. Obviously, I couldn’t miss to came across the famous Chinatown surrounded by the commonly known Sampeng lane and Yaowarat road. How terrific food is in this area, the town is by the way a culinary feast which is heavily crowded and full of souvenirs and shopping areas.

I later moved to settle to the South of Thailand, an island known as Phuket. The town is categorized by the famous Portuguese architecture style that is very similar to houses in countries like Singapore, along with Malaysia.

Nevertheless, apart from beautiful hotel sceneries, the island is mostly sandy beaches and remains a crowded touristic beach destination but pleasant to live there as expat. The sitting scenery on the island is the Phuket Big Buddha that gives a 360-degree view for a photographer.

Besides, I toured the Wat Chalong temple, where I took shots of the golden Buddha postures and murals.

The second part of my trip in Southern Thailand, was dedicated to do my PADI – Dive Master training which stimulated the desire to go further in diving industry. Thus, I started a TDI – Technical Diving Training.

Finally, I ended up through a tour around the most beautiful islands such as Koh Tao, Koh Lanta, Koh Samui.

All through the trip, I interacted with Thai; I noticed that they make a lot of efforts to preserve and reinforce the logic of national culture running parallel with identity. Music, dances and ood play a significant role in people’s life.

As I traveled through, I noticed that the essential citizen’s values were respect, self-control, along with non-confrontational behavior.

Finally, I would like to say that Thailand remains one of the destinations I recommend for taking amazing travel pictures like stunning sceneries, underwater pictures or even more countryside landscapes.

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